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Battling the 8-Armed Octopus of Jealousy

Start releasing jealousy's death-grip on your life! It's possible...

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What People Are Saying:

I am listening to Session #2 of the recording and I must say that it is eye-opening. A shout out to Reid for being so down-to-earth and funny… I had the need to comment as I so much relate to the insecurity around jealousy… If I had heard it live, I would have raised both hands. Mine, stems from my childhood. My Dad was always afraid of losing my Mom and extremely jealous. I remember feeling his sadness and anxiety at all times and I remember swearing that I would never marry a jealous insecure man like my Mom did. Now I find myself with jealous men and feeling insecure just like my father used to. I have worked with myself for so long and now I am at my best because it doesn’t happen as often as it used to. Thank you for the awesome work!!!

Leida, New York

This was such a helpful guide for me when I struggled with jealousy because it helped me understand that jealousy is an umbrella term for many flavors of emotions, and that each flavor has an underlying unmet need or specific desire. Now when I feel those feelings a simple process of self-inquiry helps me get past the rockiest part and helps me be a more effective communicator. 💗

Viola, San Francisco

I just want to thank you. Both for the workshop but also for the worksheets. Receiving something concrete like that to work with afterwards was very valuable and inspiring. Thank you so much!

Sofia, Sweden

The information was fantastic. I thought I never felt jealousy when in fact I do feel some and now I know A. what to look for and B. what to do about it!

Michael, Philadelphia