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Dating Your Species, the workshop

Answer the age-old question: Why do we fall in love with good people who are horrible fits for us?  This workshop will help you start living and loving with MORE ease, GREATER pleasure, and LESS drama because you'll know how to date your species!

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What People Are Saying:

One of the biggest ways Reid has influenced my life is through his Date Your Species teachings. Up until I understood more about myself and how I wanted to love & be loved, I found myself continually getting my 💔 broken from loving incredible people who love & relate completely differently from me. Understanding these differences has helped me find truly fulfilling & EASY relationships! Something I didn't even realize was possible. Huge THANK you for your teaching and all you are Reid Mihalko. My 💗 truly thanks you!

Sasha Rose Love, Austin

I am at this moment catching up on Dating Your Species with Reid Mihalko. Reid was discussing the old relationship model Venn diagram. In doing so, I have a kind of snowballing of realizations about myself, my life, my culture, my relationships. Huge lightbulb moment that lifted a tremendous burden from me that I have been holding for far too long. Simultaneously, my partner messaged me... My partner told me how much they love me, and want to help invest in the person and professional I want to be. I was overcome with emotions, and given so many beautiful feelings to tie to the new and improved Venn diagram just from this one small conversation... Thank you Reid for the breakthrough, the opportunity to learn more from you and the wonderful people of this group, and thank you for the wonderful deep belly laugh.

Anna from Colorful Advice

Reid is the perfect 21st Century sex nerd: He’s sassy, savvy, and sexy–and he knows how to help you feel that way, too. Quit hesitating and take his [class/workshop/course] already!

Linda, Boulder, CO

Reid gave two of the best workshops that I have every organized or attended at The Smitten Kitten. The content of both was detailed and nuanced without being overly dry or clinical and he easily integrated floor-stomping humor with serious information. The audience was engaged and eager to participate–they even enjoyed communicating with one another. The general feeling throughout the entire workshop was that of safety and respect; Reid had a clear awareness of how to create and maintain an inclusive space.

Clare Jacky, General Manager, The Smitten Kitten