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Virtual Conservatory's 6-Week Training

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What People Are Saying:

Reid Mihalko has the unique ability to be able to take big, overwhelming things and show you how to break them down into smaller, manageable chunks. He is great at seeing and articulating a "third" option whenever I am stuck in an either/or situation. He has changed my life numerous times and anything new he is offering I want front row seats for 'cause I know it's gonna be good!

Monique Darling, teacher

About Reid’s business coaching… Since I missed his workshop at my own conference (Sex Down South), Reid was sweet enough to do a condensed version and catered it, just to me. As he asked me questions, my inner flame lit up with the thoughts of my passion and how I can give my gifts of sexual education to the world. From this realization, Reid was able to give me amazing and practical advice to digitize my curriculum to create a more profitable platform. I've gone to many business classes, read a ton of business books, and I'm always looking for ways to enhance my craft. Reid was able to pull out what I needed in all of an hour! I will definitely be looking to him in the future; to not only keep me accountable, but help me bolster new and fruitful ways of fostering my passion and building on my income.

Marla Renee Stewart, MA

Reid gave two of the best workshops that I have every organized or attended at The Smitten Kitten. The content of both was detailed and nuanced without being overly dry or clinical and he easily integrated floor-stomping humor with serious information. The audience was engaged and eager to participate–they even enjoyed communicating with one another. The general feeling throughout the entire workshop was that of safety and respect; Reid had a clear awareness of how to create and maintain an inclusive space.

Clare Jacky, Minneapolis

I really cannot recommend Reid highly enough. He was open and engaging, and he helped me to change those aspects of myself that I wanted to change. Even when I felt scared about stepping away from old behaviors, with his support and encouragement I felt able to take the risk. Reid leads by example, and he has the charisma and acumen to take his clients with him. It is one hell of a journey and I would encourage anyone to take it.

Dr M., Psychotherapist