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SGPro Implementation Boot(y) Camp with AI Online 2.0 Program

Together, we can solve the #1 challenge plaguing Sex Educators who know what to do to make a living, but can't ever seem to get it done...

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Would you like to change your sex-positive business for the better in the next 90-days?

In the business of making a living as a sex educator, there is an essential "ToDo" list of tools, automated systems, and techniques that, when applied, set you up to make more money while also expanding your reach and reputation.

Are you tired of learning great new methods and having wonderful ideas... But never quite getting around to doing them?

Want to feel amazing about your business because you DID get those things done?

Imagine feeling the momentum of your business growing because you having that To-Do List of tasks actually checked off and automated...

Imagine how differently your friends and family will treat you, 90-days from now, when you're showing them how professional and how productive your business looks and feels...

And Would You Like To Do It
At Your Own Pace?

If you're ready to put the pen to the page, the stroke to the keyboard, the pedal to the metal, and the “transformation" in people's lives, join me in a 90-day Git-er-done, take it to the next level, check-things-off-your-list Implementation Boot Camp!

It's the ONLY virtual Business Implementation Course for Sex Educators that I know of.

What People Are Saying:

OMGGGGG I have like 70% of my freemium DONE!!! In ONE sitting of Implementation!!! So excited!!! ChatGPT is helping me get out of the stuckness of idea-less-ness 😂 and rocking my world!*UPDATE: I kept going with ChatGPT, I'm literally crying. I'm so excited to see what's inside me written out, like actual fucking words, coherently, in English! I didn't know how big of an impact Al was going to have on my capacity to reach and serve my people.

R.S. from www.ProgressivePsychic.com

Reid Mihalko, Cathy Vartuli, I'm in love! I I followed each step as you suggested in the first class! You said, sign up with Al. I did, although I didn't even know what Al was! Lol Within 2 hours I had my first Freemium written! This is UNBELIEVABLE to me. This is like having my own Assistant!! I cannot wait to see how my business will grow within these next 3 months of classes!! I let go of perfection. I did each step at the time you suggested. I totally trusted Reid because I have been in his workshops and watched him walk his talk in person and online. I thought it an interesting combo of personalities between he and Cathy. It works super well. She's quite knowledgeable and they're both SO authentic! The price of the class is minimal. I'm doing my happy dance!!!!

Juliana Robey

About Reid’s business coaching… Since I missed his workshop at my own conference (Sex Down South), Reid was sweet enough to do a condensed version and catered it, just to me. As he asked me questions, my inner flame lit up with the thoughts of my passion and how I can give my gifts of sexual education to the world. From this realization, Reid was able to give me amazing and practical advice to digitize my curriculum to create a more profitable platform. I've gone to many business classes, read a ton of business books, and I'm always looking for ways to enhance my craft. Reid was able to pull out what I needed in all of an hour! I will definitely be looking to him in the future; to not only keep me accountable, but help me bolster new and fruitful ways of fostering my passion and building on my income.

Marla Renee Stewart

I have been a student of Cathy’s 4 times now! Twice in person for week long intensive sessions and twice in virtual multi-week training courses. I keep coming back for more because I love Cathy’s teaching style, her content and her genuineness. Cathy’s Business Training Courses as well personalized feedback has helped me grow my business exponentially! Not only have sales gone up 100X since I first started my business, but I am also significantly more confident in what I do and offer to clients.

Mason Luke