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Half-Day Deep-Dive Personal Coaching Session with Reid

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    • Reid's No-Risk, "I Won't Waste Your Time," 100% Money-Back Guarantee (Read below)
    • 4-Hours of Reid's undivided focus via phone, or video, or in-person!
    • BONUS: Your Half-Day Deep-Dive includes a 30-min follow-up call 1-to-2 weeks later with Reid to celebrate your wins, answer questions, and brainstorm!

24-to-72 Hour Cancelation Policy:

    • 24-hour policy for phone and video coaching: Cancel at least 24-hours before our session and receive a full refund (minus processing fees). If you need to cancel less than 24-hours, you may apply your payment towards a rescheduled coaching session with Reid, no problem! Sessions must be rescheduled and redeemed within 3 months.
    • 72-hour policy for in-person, half-day sessions where Reid is on the road or traveling to you: Cancel within 72-hours and receive a full refund (minus processing fees). If you need to cancel less than 72-hours, you may apply your payment towards a rescheduled half-day coaching session with Reid. Sessions must be rescheduled and redeemed within 3 months.
    • In-person, half-day sessions where you are traveling to Reid's home are covered by the 24-hour cancelation policy above for phone and video coaching.

NO SHOWS Policy: If you miss your appointment with Reid and did not communicate to cancel or reschedule (medical and family emergencies are exceptions, of course), you recognize that your time slot could have gone to another paying client and that Reid scheduled and set aside your time slot in good faith. No shows for coaching sessions forfeit their payment and the courtesy of rescheduling. 

Reid's No-Risk, "I Won't Waste Your Time," 100% Money-Back Guarantee: If, at the end of your session you authentically feel that you have learned nothing and that Reid has wasted your time, tell Reid, "You wasted my time and I'd like my money back," and Reid will be happy to refund your coaching fee for that session.

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What People Are Saying:

Workday with Reid Mihalko: Whiteboard, hot tub, difficult and inspiring conversations, integration cuddles, walks in a perfect Oregon sunny afternoon. If you are stuck in your business, your love life, want inspiration and digestible chunks of information for your next steps, I can’t recommend him more strongly. I leave our workdays with solutions to challenges I've been circling around and around in my head. Thank you. 🙏

Monique Darling, CA

I want to thank you for engaging me, and my spirit/soul in the conversation of being loved and adored (in Philadelphia… City of liberty and love, right?). It is totally present for me. It made this relationship that I’m now having possible. I have been called beautiful so many times since then, it’s wonderful. I am amazed sometimes, but am letting it in. I actually am enrolled in the idea that I will spend the rest of my life with a vital, passionate, and wonderful younger man who gets me, adores me, and cares for me… And his conversations with me reflect that! He is wonderfully self-expressed himself. What I stand in for myself this year? — I will be in the love relationship beyond my wildest dreams and have my life partner, my soul mate with me! I ask that I can turn to you to coach me when I falter and doubt…. and that you hold the vision with me. Again, thanks for the love and the healing.

Nancy, Philadelphia, PA

The way you presented information at the retreat, with such self-aware humor, acceptance, compassion, and relaxed positivity actually helped melt away some of my shame around sex. I mean, just your attitude and presentational style ALONE did that. Never mind all the logical reasons and techniques you gave for letting go of shame. I'm so thankful you are out there in the world doing what you're doing because to me, repression of sexuality, along with our cultural paradigm of competition and consumption, is what's eating humanity, and ultimately all life on earth.

Brooke Murphy, Minnesota

About Reid’s business coaching… Since I missed his workshop at my own conference (Sex Down South), Reid was sweet enough to do a condensed version and catered it, just to me. As he asked me questions, my inner flame lit up with the thoughts of my passion and how I can give my gifts of sexual education to the world. From this realization, Reid was able to give me amazing and practical advice to digitize my curriculum to create a more profitable platform. I've gone to many business classes, read a ton of business books, and I'm always looking for ways to enhance my craft. Reid was able to pull out what I needed in all of an hour! I will definitely be looking to him in the future; to not only keep me accountable, but help me bolster new and fruitful ways of fostering my passion and building on my income.

Marla Renee Stewart, MA

I had known about Reid through different networks and was both impressed and entertained by what I had seen and felt a relatability that couldn't be faked. When I felt compelled to order one of his t-shirts I also discovered how accessible he was in being able to communicate directly with him about where i'm currently at in life and love; what website gives you that with a t-shirt? But Reid showed his immense value during a time of pain for me in something where i was exposed and vulnerable. I had written an immense email and he was able to sift through it, focus and funnel things down without me feeling patronized or that I was being forced into a cookie-cutter mold of how to fix it. He helped me see things about the situation that were right there in front of me while leaving me with the power to deal with it and a vision of where to go next. His value is undeniable in mentoring and coaching in both love and life and being able to help people speak from the heart and feel power where they felt fear before. I highly recommend his services and following his different blogs and posts. Best regards,

Josh Zuchowski, NJ